How you feel at work is very important to both, your health and productivity. From neck strain to back pain, Escrito ergonomics products can help you prevent common desk-related problems. You will feel much better working with the suitable equipment options.

Money Machines (2)

Paper Shredder (4)

Laminator (2)

Paper Guillotine (2)

Monitor Riser (3)

Wrist Support (2)

Back Support (3)

Foot Support (2)

ESEM540 - Lome Premium

Monitor Riser Height-Adjustable with Drawer

  • Height-Adjustable With drawer
  • Wireless Charging Unit
  • Escrito® Monitor Riser positions your monitor at the best viewing height to maintain a healthy posture and increase productivity. The drawer allows you to keep your desktop accessories organized, including pens, staples and extra chargers. Wirelesss charging feature for compatible smartphones
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ESAU400 - Majuro

Paper Shredder

  • Office Type
  • Cross Cut
  • Capacity: 24 Sheets (75g/A4)
  • Particle size: 4x38mm
  • Security: DIN4 (High)
  • Throat Width: 220mm
  • Shredding Speed: 1,8 m/min.
  • Noise Level: 65 dB
  • Waste Bin Capacity: 27 lt
  • Duty Cycle: 40 min
  • Seperate CD/C.Card Slot
  • Overload/Overheat Protection
  • Caster Wheel/Pull-out Bin
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ESEL300 - Riga

Laptop Riser Movable type. 4-level height adjustment to bring the screen to the best viewing level. Front fixers to prevent the laptop from slipping. Cooling gaps that help dissipate the heat of the laptop. Magnet locking system.
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ESEA650 - Banjul

Foot Support Height Adjustable - Movable

  • Height adjustable.
  • Movable type
  • Escrito® Foot Supports position your feet in the most ideal level to maintain a healthy posture and increase productivity.
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ESEA600 - Asmara

Foot Support Height Adjustable

  • Height adjustable
  • Fixed type
  • Escrito® Foot Supports position your feet in the most ideal level to maintain a healthy posture and increased productivity.
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ESES590 - Luanda

Sırt Desteği Visco

Uzun süre koltukta oturmak, sırt desteği kullanılmadığında dolaşımın zayıflamasına, sırt rahatsızlığına ve yorgunluğa yol açar. Eğer koltuğunuzun bel bölgesini destekleyen bir ergonomi sunmuyorsa, doğru pozisyonu koruyabilmek için, sırt desteği ile birlikte kullanmalısınız. Visco malzeme, sırtın orta kesimini destekleyerek uygun oturma pozisyonu sağlar.
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ESES690 - Lobamba

Lumbar Support Visco

Sitting on a chair for a long time, when there is no lumbar support, causes poor blood circulation, back discomfort and fatigue. If your seat has no ergonomic support feature for lumbar region, you should use a back support to maintain the correct sitting position. The Visco material provides a suitable sitting position by supporting middle of your back.
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ESEB100 - Kigali

Mouse Pad with a Wrist Support

  • Modern and stylish design
  • Soft wrist rest with special lock system
  • Easily portable, flexible and foldable structure
  • mooth and easy-to -slide mouse surface area
  • Color alternatives suitable for every style
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